Skin cancers are becoming increasingly more common, so it is vital you examine your skin regularly and get to know your moles. Moles come in all different shapes, colours and sizes. You should alert your Doctor if you develop a new mole or if existing moles change in size, shape or colour. You should also see your Doctor if a mole begins to itch or bleed.

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Head to toe examination by an expert

Our expert Dermatologists offer a full skin check. In this detailed examination of your skin from head to toe, all your moles and other skin lesions are examined. They are then looked at under the Dermatoscope, which enables the Dermatologist to see the pigment below the skin surface. Any abnormal moles or other lesions will be pointed out to you, and can be removed (sometimes on the same day). Advice on examining your moles will also be provided.

How to examine your moles

More information on examining your moles can be found at our blog on the ABCD of moles by clicking here.